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The meeting of Congress Baitadi Municipality will be held on 30th Jestha

ByGlobal Darpan

Jun 5, 2023

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Baitadi : Nepali Congress Baitadi Organizes Municipality Conference for All Municipalities on 30th Jestha.

Baitadi, Nepal – The Nepali Congress Baitadi has announced that it will hold a conference for all municipalities in the district on May 30. The party’s president in Baitadi, Chatur Bahadur Chand, provided this information, stating that representatives from all municipalities will be present.

Prominent figures attending the conference include Devraj Joshi, the district

secretary of the Nepali Congress in Purchaudi Municipality; Prem Bahadur Chand, the district secretary in Sigas Municipality; Veer Bahadur Bisht, the deputy chairperson in Patan Municipality; Shivaraj Bhatt, the regional assembly member of Province 5 in Surnaya Municipality; Dasharath Chaudhary, the assistant secretary in Dilashaini Municipality; and Narendra Singh Thapa, the former party president, representing Melauli Municipality.

Prior to the municipality conference, ward-level meetings have been ongoing in all major wards of the district. Nandaraj Bhatt, the municipality chairperson in Dogdakedar, confirmed the continuation of ward meetings in all wards.

The conference aims to discuss the organizational state of the Nepali Congress, party structure, the role in strengthening the party, and strategies for organizational expansion. It also intends to address internal issues and seek solutions within the party.

President Chand stated, “The conference has been organized for party structure and strengthening, as well as organizational expansion at the ward level. It will play a significant role in making the Nepali Congress more dynamic.”

Once the municipality conference concludes, the party has announced plans to organize the district conference on July 2.