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80 cows died due to lumpy skin disease

ByGlobal Darpan

Jun 8, 2023

Chitawan : According to Chief Sushil K.C. of the office, 80 cows have died in the district due to the lumpy skin disease seen in the livestock market. The Veterinary Hospital and Livestock Service Center in Chitwan, where the spread of lumpy skin disease has been observed, has reported this.

According to him, there have been lumpy skin infections in 3,086 cows and 252 buffaloes, out of which 80 cows have died. He informed that Rapti Municipality and Ichchha Kamana Rural Municipality have been highly affected by the spread of lumpy skin disease.

According to the office, Rapti Municipality has reported infections in 1,405, Kalika Municipality in 265, Khairahani Municipality in 204 cows/buffaloes. Bharatpur Metropolitan City has reported infections in 225, Ratnanagar Municipality in 114, Ichchha Kamana Rural Municipality in 952, and Madi Municipality in 253 animals.

According to the office, Ichchha Kamana Rural Municipality has reported 49, Bharatpur Metropolitan City 13, Rapti Municipality 10, Kalika and Ratnanagar Municipality 4 each, cases of lumpy skin disease resulting in death.

Dr. Ramchandra Acharya, the authorized veterinarian at the office, provided information that this disease spreads through the bite of various insects such as flies, mosquitoes, and ticks, causing fever, eruption, and the formation of lumps on the animals, weakening their health.

He emphasized the timely treatment and organic security of infected livestock, as neglecting the disease can lead to abortion in animals. He also recommended maintaining cleanliness in the shed, paying attention to organic security, avoiding contact with other animals, not grazing in contaminated areas, and enhancing the ability to fight against livestock diseases by vaccinating.

For the prevention and control of this disease, the Livestock Service Center in Chitwan has conducted programs related to organic security, distributed medicines, and distributed vaccines in seven municipalities.