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Sikkim shows interest to open Chiwabhanjyang checkpoint

ByGlobal Darpan

Jun 8, 2023

Kathmandu: Chief Minister of Sikkim State government of India Prem Singh Tamang has shown interest to open Nepal-India bordering Chiwabhanjyang checkpoint. In his visit to Chiwabhanjyang on Tuesday, CM Tamang shared the state government has been effortful to open the checkpoint in a way to benefit both Nepal and India.

‘I am trying my best to explore the checkpoint so as to reap mutual benefits from Chiwa’, the chief minister said, adding, ‘I have been frequently raising the issue in the assembly of policy commission (Niti Ayog)’. CM Tamang further shared that discussion was also held with central government of India regarding the opening and operation of the checkpoint. ‘The central government is positive about the issue’, he noted. In order to develop the Chiwabhanjyang as a checkpoint, the Sikkim state government has expanded 22-km road from Uttar Bazaar to Chiwabhanjyang at the investment of 560 million Indian Currency. The Mid-Hill Highway of Nepal has reached the Chiwabhanjyang a decade ago. The origin of the highway is also Chiwabhanjyang. The Sikkim state government has made efforts to open the checkpoint when locals of the areas including Yangwarak rural municipality have demanded the opening of Chiwabhanjyang entry point located in Yangwarak-1, Panchthar.

CM Tanag further stressed the need to formally open the checkpoint when people from Nepal and Sikkim have been using the territory for cross-border movement. He highlighted necessity to develop Chiwabhanjyang as a bilateral contact point of Nepal and Sikkim.