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Removing ticket counters outside the bus park has begun

ByGlobal Darpan

Jun 16, 2023

Kathmandu:  The Kathmandu Metropolitan City has started removing public transportation ticket counters located outside the new bus park. This morning, ticket counters in the Balaju bus park area have been removed.

In order to ensure security, the Nepal Police force is also involved in the removal of ticket counters. The police are continuing the task of removing the boards of ticket counters. Previously, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City had issued a notice stating that ticket sales would only be conducted from within the new bus park, leading to the directive to remove all ticket counters located outside.

Ticket counters were present in areas such as Kalanki, Gaushala, Koteshwor, Balaju, and Sundhara, where public vehicle tickets were being sold.

The presence of these ticket counters was causing a decrease in the city’s beauty, creating challenges in traffic management due to increased congestion, and resulting in fraudulent practices against passengers conducted from these unauthorized ticket counters.