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What are the prices of fruits and vegetables today?

ByGlobal Darpan

Jun 18, 2023

Kathmandu :  The Kalimati Fruits and Vegetable Market Development Board has published today’s price list.

According to the price list, Malda apple is priced at NPR 70, Indian lychee at NPR 250, local lychee at NPR 120, dried chili at NPR 450, garlic at NPR 180, Chinese garlic at NPR 230, and dried ginger is being traded at NPR 120 per kilogram. Similarly, local carrot is priced at a minimum of NPR 100, green peas at NPR 150, spinach (gheu simi and rajma) at NPR 90, cauliflower at NPR 250, local cabbage at NPR 40, red potato at NPR 40, Indian cauliflower (golbheda) large size at NPR 40, and bottle gourd at NPR 50 per kilogram.

Additionally, bitter gourd is priced at NPR 280 per kilogram, broccoli at NPR 70, bitter leafy greens (kagati) at NPR 150, amaranth leaves (chamsur) at NPR 100, sponge gourd at NPR 70, local pumpkin at NPR 250, cherry tomato at NPR 280 per kilogram.

As per the board, watermelon is priced at NPR 40 per kilogram, pomegranate at NPR 380, kiwi at NPR 500, green chili at NPR 180, and freshwater fish (rahu) at NPR 310, and fresh fish (mungri) at NPR 320 per kilogram.