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22 domestic workers were arrested in Qatar

ByGlobal Darpan

Jun 20, 2023

Doha: 22 domestic workers have been arrested in Qatar. The Ministry of Interior of Qatar, under its Search and Investigation Department, has informed that 22 Asian domestic workers who had fled have been apprehended. All of them are female workers.

According to the ministry, after conducting inspection campaigns in various areas and locations of Qatar, the arrested individuals were identified based on reports submitted by different employers. This campaign aims to prevent domestic workers from leaving their sponsors’ homes and working for another employer, which is considered illegal in Qatar.

The arrested individuals have been sent for further legal proceedings under public prosecution. The ministry has urged officials to provide shelter and refrain from deporting the workers, as well as to report the cases to the authorities.

Furthermore, the Investigation Department has informed that 9 individuals involved in fraudulent activities, establishing fake companies in the visa business and engaging in illegal activities, have been apprehended.

As per the approved plan of the Public Prosecution, the investigation of their illegal activities through social network platforms and clearance offices for specific documents is underway. The searches conducted at their residences and workplaces have led to the recovery of a significant amount of money, approximately QAR 190,000, along with fake company records, rental agreements, Qatari citizens’ identification cards, prepaid bank cards, and bank cards of migrant workers who sold their visas.

Additionally, Qatar has increased its monitoring of undocumented workers in the country. Qatar’s police have been checking daily for valid Qatari IDs in various locations and metro stations.

Those who do not possess valid IDs and visas have been detained and kept in jail for some time before being deported to their home countries. Some Nepali individuals who were arrested and detained have reported that after being held in jail, they were eventually deported to Nepal.

There are around 312,650 Nepali workers employed in various sectors in Qatar, including 11,090 female domestic workers.