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price of gold has decreased, what is the current rate?

ByGlobal Darpan

Jun 20, 2023

Kathmandu:  the price of gold has decreased in the Nepali market. On Tuesday, the price of gold was fixed at NPR 1,11,800 per tola. On Monday, the goldsmiths were conducting business at NPR 1,12,000 per tola, which was a decrease of NPR 200 per tola from the previous price of NPR 1,11,800, as announced by the Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers’ Association. Similarly, the price of fine gold was fixed at NPR 1,11,250 per tola.

As for silver, the price was fixed at NPR 1,430 per tola, with a decrease of NPR 10 per tola. On Sunday, silver was being traded at NPR 1,440 per tola.