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Policy and Programs of Bharatpur: Consumer Committee’s Struggle, Purchase of Electric Vehicles Only

ByGlobal Darpan

Jun 26, 2023

Chitwan: Bharatpur Metropolitan City in Chitwan has publicly announced policies and programs to closely monitor the development projects carried out through consumer committees.

According to the policy and program introduced by the Metropolitan City, consumers are encouraged to purchase necessary materials for development projects through the consumer committees. After selecting contractors through competitive bidding, the Metropolitan City takes strict measures to ensure the completion of development projects. Furthermore, the Mayor of Bharatpur Metropolitan City, Reni Dahal, has made public the policies and programs of the Metropolitan City in the Municipal Council. The policies aim to establish uniformity in the community participation in development programs within the metropolitan area. Information has been provided that a minimum of 10 percent community participation will be mandatory in projects such as school buildings, culverts, irrigation, drinking water, community buildings, road leveling, road construction, and embankment construction from the upcoming year.

The municipality has introduced a policy to implement plans for public participation through the medium of a bulletin and create employment opportunities without using large machinery or equipment. The municipality has also formulated plans for projects such as road construction, regular road maintenance, and other similar initiatives that do require the use of large machinery and equipment.

Regarding the formation of consumer committees and the implementation of their activities, the municipality will establish a system where projects estimated to cost more than 1 million will have a fixed duration of one year and a provision to deduct five percent as security deposit. Consumer committees will be responsible for carrying out various tasks, including projects worth up to 100 million.

The municipality will provide incentives to consumer committees for completing work before the agreed-upon time and penalties for delays of at least two years for any consumer committee. It has been stated that no officer will be allowed to reside in any consumer committee through legal provisions made by the municipality.

Bharatpur Metropolitan City has announced its intention to only purchase electric vehicles. Incentives will also be provided to the residents for adopting electric vehicles.

The construction of a state-of-the-art charging station in Ramnagar of Ward No. 1, Bharatpur Metropolitan City, is planned. Additionally, charging stations for electric vehicles will be constructed in places like Geetanagar, Chanauli, Narayangarh Bus Park, and the metropolitan area.

Mayor Renu Dahal has emphasized the municipality’s priority to implement a policy that promotes the operation of electric buses within the metropolitan area, in coordination and cooperation with the upcoming year’s alternative energy promotion center.

A plan is in place to reduce the accumulation of garbage by constructing road pavements and sloping surfaces in the main urban area of the municipality. A mega project related to water supply and slope management, including drainage, with federal government investment, will be initiated in the main urban area of the municipality.

Under the Ujjyalo Bharatpur Program, Mayor Dahal has highlighted the installation of smart streetlights, high masts, and mini masts in various main roads and internal markets of Bharatpur, as well as ensuring the continuity of expansion efforts.

To streamline the process of preliminary development, the municipality aims to establish a “Project Bank” for major projects and prepare it in collaboration and coordination with the relevant federal agencies. The policy and program also mention providing continuity to the systematic implementation of utility corridors, which involve burying electric, telephone, cable, and internet lines in a phased manner within the municipal area .

The metropolitan city has adopted a policy to prioritize the construction of footpaths with greenery on roads wider than 16 meters, including bicycle lanes. It also aims to increase the use of domestically produced cement, with a target of consuming 6 meters of cement for every 6 meters of road in smaller areas that have road ownership rights. The policy emphasizes the construction of slopes in widened and roundabout intersections in Bhiral and Ghumti Chowks.

The metropolitan city has declared the areas of Kerunga Ghol and Pungi Khola, among others, as the skywalk water drainage area, with a focus on conservation and beautification. It aims to develop and manage the amusement park along the banks of the Narayani River, including the construction of a C-shaped model, and complete additional construction works in accordance with the Guru Yojana (Master Plan) in collaboration with the federal and provincial governments, as stated by Mayor Dahal.