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A team that rescues children from the Amazon jungle with national recognition

ByGlobal Darpan

Jun 28, 2023

Bogota : The Colombian government has honored the soldiers who rescued four children from the Amazon jungle after 40 days. This rescue operation was named ‘Operation Hope,’ and the participating soldiers and other members were awarded the ‘Order of Boyaca.’ This award is the second-highest degree of recognition given to Colombian citizens and armed forces.

During the award ceremony, President Gustavo Petro stated, ‘The medal is just a symbol. The real reward is life, and these rescuers have proven that. They included the community of children in the operation and showed how, by coming together, we can save many lives.’

He mentioned that they brought these rescued children home by overcoming the remaining debate between Western and traditional beliefs, emphasizing the unity of different ideologies.

The military sniffer dog named Sniffer Dag, who played a crucial role in rescuing the children from the jungle, was also honored. This dog was lost in the Amazon and started a mission to find the missing children.

General Pedro Sanchez, the head of the rescue operation, announced the construction of a memorial in memory of the six-year-old Dag Wilson, considering it as part of his legacy.

It was a remarkable incident where four children who were lost in a plane crash in the Amazon jungle were found alive after 40 days, leaving the world astonished.”