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“Mayor Cup” honors the winning player of basketball

ByGlobal Darpan

Jun 28, 2023

Myagdi – Myagdi’s Annapurna Rural Municipality has honored the player who won the title in the national-level inter-municipality “Mayor Cup” basketball tournament.

In the U-18 Inter-Municipality Mayor Cup Men’s Basketball Tournament organized by Kirtipur Municipality in Kathmandu, the player from Annapurna Rural Municipality who participated and emerged victorious was honored with a sum of one lakh five thousand rupees in a program held in Beni on Tuesday. The honored players include Arjun Vik, Ranik Garbuja, Nukesh Jugjali, Keman Senchuri, Rajendra Garbuja, Manish Tilija Pun, Nishchal Phagami, Heman Pariyar, Sujan Pariyar, Raju Pariyar, Sudip Baruwal, Jon Tilija, coach Suman Tilija Pun, and manager Bisan Rana.

They were awarded certificates and prizes including cash by the Chairman of the Rural Municipality, Bharat Kumar Pun, Vice-Chairperson Divakumari Tilija Pun, and Chief Administrative Officer Amrit Suvedi.

On the same day, in the final match held on Asar 9, Annapurna Rural Municipality won the Mayor Cup basketball title, defeating the host Kirtipur Municipality.