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Paragliding fee has increased and now it costs up to 12,000

ByGlobal Darpan

Jun 30, 2023

Kaski: The fee for paragliding flights has increased in the Nepali market. The Nepal Air Sports Association has raised the rate for paragliding flights.

Until recently, the cost for a single flight was Rs. 8,500, but now it has increased to Rs. 12,000. According to Sunil Bhattarai, the President of the Nepal Air Sports Association, this increase includes the cost of insurance and the expenses incurred by the pilots.

Bhattarai explains that the expenses have risen due to the operation of an international airport in Pokhara and the increased costs associated with it. Previously, paragliding flights originated from Toripani and Sarangkot, but now they take off from Mandra Dhunga. This change in location has contributed to the increased costs, as Bhattarai clarifies.

With the increased fee, paragliding pilots earn around Rs. 10,000 per flight, as stated by former Vice-President Sobhit Baniya. He mentions, “Initially, it used to be Rs. 3,900.” The Nepal Air Sports Association has 60 paragliding companies registered, out of which 52 are currently active, according to President Bhattarai. There are a total of 375 licensed paragliding pilots across all companies, with 250 currently in service, he adds.