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Nepali film ‘Bagan’ In a family story

ByGlobal Darpan

Jul 1, 2023

Kathmandu:  The Nepali film ‘Bagan’ will be released on July 29th. This is a complete family-oriented film made after a long time. Saroj Khanal, who has spent more than three decades in the film industry as an actor, has directed ‘Bagan’.

Director Khanal, who aims to address social issues through debut direction, mentioned that this film is meant to be watched by the whole family. He said, ‘We have prepared this film with the intention that a family should watch it together. It showcases the expectations of one family member from another and from society. It’s not just about the problems; we have also tried to present solutions. So, the audience should feel connected to the film.’

He found a story in his own family that he had been aware of and decided to bring it to the larger audience through a book adaptation. He also understands his role as a storyteller.

‘Sunil Pokharel, a theater artist, had given me a book for theater, and within those stories, Bagan caught my attention. I had felt connected to it within my own family,’ he said. ‘I felt like I should say this story myself, and that’s how I started preparing and eventually became a director.’

Khanal, who is passionate about being a story reader, has presented the story of a single woman, emotions, and the importance of education in the film. In ‘Bagan,’ along with director Khanal, Karishma Manandhar, Nir Shah, Basundhara Bhusal, Mithila Sharma, Pramila Karki, Aakash Shrestha, and other artists have acted.

Gaurishankar Dhungel has directed cinematography for the film based on Swapna Neerav’s story, while Utsav Dahal and Narayan Jishee have done the cinematography. Arjun Jishee, Rajesh Shah, and Sandesh Shah have done the editing, and Samir Miya has done the BFX and Renish Phago has handled the color grading.

The film distribution for the screening is being done by Rich Entertainment and Diseenal in Kathmandu Valley and the districts. The FD Company is handling it in the outskirts of Kathmandu and in the rural areas.”