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Today, what is the price of fruits and vegetables?

ByGlobal Darpan

Jul 4, 2023

Kathmandu : The Kalimati Fruits and Vegetables Market Development Board has made today’s price list public. According to the board, Nepali cauliflower is priced at NPR 75 per kilogram, local small cauliflower at NPR 17.50 per 50 paisa, tunnel-grown cauliflower at NPR 33.20, red potato and local cauliflower at NPR 45, Indian red potato at NPR 35, wrinkled red potato at NPR 39, white potato at NPR 34.50 per 50 paisa, dried Indian onion at NPR 51.20, local carrot at NPR 110, local radish at NPR 10 per piece.

Similarly, local round cabbage is priced at NPR 56.67, pointed gourd at NPR 55, bitter gourd at NPR 116, snake gourd and sponge gourd at NPR 95, local sponge gourd at NPR 115, bottle gourd at NPR 76.67 per 50 paisa, bitter melon at NPR 105, bottle gourd at NPR 86, ridge gourd and zucchini at NPR 65, okra at NPR 105, mustard greens and spinach at NPR 86.67 per 50 paisa, turnip greens at NPR 46.67 per 50 paisa, green amaranth at NPR 150 per bundle.

Furthermore, sponge gourd at NPR 300, sponge gourd leaves at NPR 183.33, celery at NPR 140, parsley at NPR 240, mint at NPR 135, knol-khol at NPR 283.33, Fuji apple at NPR 325, bitter melon at NPR 170, local cucumber at NPR 120, kiwi at NPR 875, apricot at NPR 575, ginger at NPR 300 per 50 paisa, lychee at NPR 125, Akabare chili at NPR 175, and Bhede chili at NPR 86 per kilogram are available in the market.