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Artmandu announced the film “Unako Sweater,” featuring Bipin and Miruna

ByGlobal Darpan

Jul 18, 2023

Kathmandu : The news about casting Vipin Karki and Miruna Magar in the leading roles of the film “Unako Sweater” was already public. Now, the official announcement of the film production is being made during a press conference by the production house.

This social drama film will be directed by Navin Chauhan under the production company “Artemandu Media.” During the press conference, the film’s lineup and crew were revealed, including the presentation of the top song. Music composer Sujan Chapagain presented the original side songs and shared information about the film’s theme. The music video production is also being carried out by Chauhan to debut in the storytelling film. The lineup also includes “Chhakka Panja 4” and “Jari” fame actress Parijaat Limbu and the model Alex Vishwakarma, who appeared in the last music video “Phool Thunge Rani.” Some actors from the stage play “Chorako Swar” in Kathmandu have also been included in the lineup.

After the success of “Lalpurja,” Vipin and Miruna are collaborating for the second time in this film. Director Chauhan said, “While making this musical film, I had the idea of narrating an organic and emotional story through feature film. I am delighted to make this film and feel honored. I will strive to create good and unique cinema.”

Actor Karki expressed that this film is special for him, stating, “I have already cooperated with Navinji before in “Batauli” and “Ghumighumi.” I have full confidence in his work. There are many things combined in this film. It feels amazing when you get a role offered, like the one I got. Even listening to the songs, it feels like a shadow will be cast.”

Actress Magar expressed her enthusiasm for working in the role offered to her in the film. She said, “I was a fan of their work, and when I got the role they offered, I felt amazed. Even listening to the songs, I thought it would have an excellent visual representation.”

The film’s music will be provided by Sujan Chapagain and singer Jhuma Limbu. Anil Subba and Suraj Tamu will be the casting directors. Chintan Raj Bhandari will handle the cinematography. The preparations for the film shooting will start from the first of Mangsir (around mid-November).