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Fifty whales were found dead on the coast of Scotland

ByGlobal Darpan

Jul 18, 2023

Scotland : Around 50 pilot whales were stranded in critical condition on the western coast of Scotland.

After the large number of whales got stranded on the beach, rescue workers were called to the scene. The rescuers managed to save 15 whales alive. However, three of them died shortly afterward. Among the surviving whales, there are eight adults and four calves.

Despite the good intentions, rescue workers were unable to refloat the remaining whales back into the water, according to media reports.

Reports suggest that due to the remoteness of the location, medical and rescue workers had to drive up to five miles to communicate with the rescue coordinators. The exact cause of the whales’ stranding remains unclear.

Last year, in two separate incidents in New Zealand, around 500 pilot whales were stranded. Additionally, in Australia last year, near Macquarie Harbour, approximately 230 whales were stranded, and among them, around 200 died.