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Singer Prakash Saput’s new song is titled ‘Damaai Maharaj’

ByGlobal Darpan

Jul 22, 2023

kathmandu : Singer Prakash Saput’s new song is titled ‘Damaai Maharaj’. In his song, he presents a message against social distortions, disparities, and divisions in society, addressing the issue of ethnic divisions.

Prakash’s melodious voice and lyrics are accompanied by the soothing vocals of Shanti Shree Pariyar. The video of the song, which follows his previous popular songs ‘Bolmaya’ and ‘Galbandi,’ was filmed during a Mahayagya (ritual) conducted in a village, delivering a message against ethnic divisions.

The video of the song, directed and produced by Prakash Saput himself, features acting performances by Prakash Saput, Anjali Adhikari, Geet Dhungana, Garima Sharma, Prabhat Thakuri, Sunil Vik, Pushpa Avasthi, Viraj Thapa, Loknath Wagley, and Vishal Ghimire. Young artists Dipalav Vik and Prabha Saput perform in the roles of children. The video was shot by Manakrishna Maharjan and Dinesh Parajuli, with editing by Prabin Bhatta. The song is arranged by Sudip Sagar.

Prakash Saput has announced that he will be creating songs against ethnic divisions throughout this year.