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Today 45th Memorial Day of Nekapaka’s founding General Secretary Pushpalal

ByGlobal Darpan

Jul 23, 2023

Kathmandu : Today, various programs are being organized to commemorate the 45th Memorial Day of the founding General Secretary of the Nepal Communist Party, Pushpalal Shrestha. Nepalese communist parties are conducting different events to honor Pushpalal’s contributions.

Pushpalal was born in Bhangeri, Ramechhap, on July 15, 1981, and he passed away on August 22, 2075, at the age of 94, in the Govind Ballabh Pant Hospital in India.

On April 23, 2006, with the goal of establishing people’s rights, Pushpalal founded the Nepal Communist Party in Shyambazar, Kolkata, India, along with Nar Bahadur Karmacharya, Niranjan Govinda Vaidya, Narayan Vilas Joshi, and Motidevi Shrestha.

Before the establishment of NCP, he was involved in the formation of Nepali Prajatantrik Sangh in 1998, along with Prem Bahadur Kansakar, Shambhuram Shrestha, Surya Bahadur Bhadwaj, and Ram Rajas.

Pushpalal is respected by almost all communist parties in Nepal. Despite enduring a difficult life in exile, facing both hardship and death in times of scarcity and abundance, he never weakened his dedication to the nation and the people.

He consistently advocated for restoring multi-party democracy, even when in alliance with almost all communist parties of Nepal.

As a scholarly leader, Pushpalal had the capacity to give direction to Nepal’s current situation and had studied the country’s deep history. He also authored some books.

After the assassination of his elder brother, martyr Gangalal Shrestha, Pushpalal actively participated in the anti-Rana movement at the age of 15.

Due to his involvement in politics, the then government had dismissed his father Bhaktalal from his position. After the fall of King Mahendra in 2017 BS, he lived in underground exile.

The government has established the National Award in his honor as a mark of respect for Pushpalal.

In his memory, today, the Pushpalal Memorial Foundation has organized a special program at the Pushpalal Memorial Park, located in Ward No. 4 of Kirtipur Municipality.