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Crying continuously for 7 days, achieving a world record

ByGlobal Darpan

Jul 24, 2023

In the world, people engage in various activities to gain recognition for their uniqueness. Some even attempt to have their name listed in the Guinness Book, pushing the limits of what they can do and surpassing their own boundaries. Recently, a Nigerian youth, Tembu Abar, shed tears continuously for seven days with the aim of achieving a world record. He faced a serious eye problem while trying to accomplish this feat, and despite his efforts, he was unable to secure a place in the record book.

Tembu Abar dedicated himself to crying continuously for a week to achieve a world record. During this time, he endured the pain of partial blindness and experienced great difficulty in even recognizing faces and listening to others’ voices.

In an interview with local media, he expressed his reasons for stopping his attempt, stating that he had to halt the crying because it worsened his serious health conditions. His eyesight, which had already suffered, deteriorated further during the attempt. He lost sight in a part of one eye, and there are no signs of improvement.

Although his name did not make it into the Guinness World Records book, Tembu Abar’s resilience and determination in his pursuit were notable. He sat on a chair with a timer set to establish a continuous crying session, and the video of his endeavor gained millions of views, along with thousands of new followers.

Even though he didn’t achieve the record, his courage and commitment were commendable. His story serves as a reminder of the diverse and extraordinary ways in which people strive to leave a mark on the world.