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The book titled ‘Panchkoshi Dailakh’ is published

ByGlobal Darpan

Jul 29, 2023

Kathmandu: Bharatbandhu Thapa’s photo book ‘Panchkoshi Dailakh’ has been published in both Nepali and English languages. This book contains information and pictures related to the cultural, religious, and lifestyle aspects of the Dailakh region, which holds significant religious and historical importance. Director Thapa has centralized the Dailakh district and prepared this book, which includes the cultural, religious, natural, artistic, and traditional aspects of Dullu Municipality and the Panchkoshi region.

The collection includes ancient cultural heritage, historical sites, arts, and traditions that showcase Dailakh district’s uniqueness. The author and photographer, Thapa, express their intention to support tourism, development, and progress in the Panchkoshi region through this compilation.

Various historical documents and sources for study and research are available in Dailakh district, particularly in places like Kirtikham, and the book emphasizes the need for adequate research and investigation of these historical heritages by the central government.

The book’s release ceremony was attended by the Chief of Dullu Municipality, Bharat Rijal, who urged the central government to give due attention to the preservation and development of these cultural and religious heritages.

Historians have mentioned that this is the first document written in the Nepali language found in Dullu Bazaar, but it is yet to be officially verified.

Ghanshyam Bhandari, a member of Karnali Provincial Assembly and former Chief of Dullu Municipality, expresses the importance of preservation and development and emphasizes that the central government should also pay significant attention to these aspects.

Journalist Thapa has previously published various books, including ‘Wild West Nepal’ (2013), ‘Gantavya Karnali’ (2019), ‘Karnali’ (2020), ‘Explore Far-West’ (2020), ‘Gantavya Madhyapur’ (2921), ‘Tasveerma Nepal’ (2022), ‘West Nepal’ (2022), and ‘Nepal in Image’ (2023).