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Song ‘Yo Teejma Najane Mait’ by singer Manju Thapa is released now

ByGlobal Darpan

Aug 4, 2023

Kathmandu : Singer Manju Thapa’s Teej song ‘Yo Teejma Najane Mait’ has been released to the public. The music composer Shambhujit Banskota has not only composed the music but also penned the lyrics for this popular song. The audio and visual performances of the song feature actresses Sharmila Mall, Dipashree Niraula, Rejina Upreti, Nita Dhungana, Manju Thapa, Kalpana Thapa, Pramila Karki, Goma Kesi, Shila Gajurel, and Meena Lamal.

Manju Thapa expresses her determination to make the audio and visual representation of the song powerful, intending to present the essence of the festive spirit to the audience.

Regarding the Teej-focused song created annually with music composer Banskota, Manju Thapa reveals that their goal is to maintain the tradition of Teej without any alterations, and each year’s song takes the essence from the previous year’s lyrics. The song was publicly released in the capital city during the program organized for Teej celebrations.