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UAE has granted permission for the release of the Barbie film, which was initially banned due to fears surrounding transgender characters

ByGlobal Darpan

Aug 6, 2023

Kathmandu: The movie “Barbie” is being screened in UAE cinemas from this week. The government has approved the release of this film.

Earlier, there were concerns that this successful comedy film at the international level might face a ban in UAE.

The reason behind these concerns was that the film features a transgender character, and there were expectations of reactions in UAE regarding this.

The UAE Media Council has approved the release of Barbie without any delay of three weeks, and no specific reason for the initial delay has been mentioned.

However, similar situations have been observed in Jordan and Egypt as well with the movie Barbie.

Last year, many Arab countries banned the release of Spider-Man because the studio producing the film refused to censor the transgender character.