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Wearing a hijab is now strictly enforced, the new bill introduced in the parliament by the Iranian government

ByGlobal Darpan

Aug 6, 2023

Tehran: Mahsa Amini, who had been arrested on the accusation of not wearing a hijab, died one year ago. Her death occurred on September 16. She was arrested by the police for not properly wearing a hijab, and she died during her detention, which sparked widespread protests and violent demonstrations across the country.

In response to these protests, women publicly cut their hair and burned hijabs as a form of resistance. Now, one year after Mahsa’s death, Iranian authorities are preparing a new bill related to the hijab law.

According to CNN, the authorities have warned Iranians that Iran will not retreat from its hijab regulations. The proposed law, which was introduced last year amid widespread opposition, is still being drafted, as reported by international news agencies.

As per the draft law with 70 articles, women who refuse to wear burqa will face severe punishment, and celebrities and business people violating the dress code will be given harsh penalties. It also aims to identify individuals who violate the dress code through artificial intelligence.

The bill was initially presented to the government earlier this year, and it was later sent to the parliament for deliberation. The legal and judicial commission approved it, and subsequently, it received the approval of the judiciary.

According to the state-affiliated news agency, Mehr, the bill will be presented to the parliament this week after being submitted to the Board of Governors.