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On Tuesday, increase in the price of gold,

ByGlobal Darpan

Aug 22, 2023

Kathmandu: Gold prices in the Nepali market have risen significantly on Tuesday. Today, the price of gold has increased by NPR 200 per tola.

Alongside this, the Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers’ Association has announced that the price of fine gold is NPR 1,10,500 per tola, while the price of worked gold (Tejabi gold) stands at NPR 1,09,950 per tola.

On Monday, the price of gold remained stable. On that day, the price of fine gold was NPR 1,10,300 per tola, and the price of worked gold (Tejabi gold) was NPR 1,09,750 per tola.

Similarly, the price of silver has also increased by NPR 25 per tola on Tuesday, reaching NPR 1,415 per tola. Yesterday, the price of silver remained stable, with silver being sold at NPR 1,390 per tola.